Trust accounting – Type of Accountant

All accountants of the trust Name of the trust account. Centralized account management are the administrator, executor or administrator, who also controls all the goods specified in the trust. The task of the auditor is to maintain trust accounts detailed records and financial management of the trust assets. He / she must also keep records of all income and interest in trust or made or received. In addition to the costs to be incurred, and the maintenance and administration of the Trust also considered and recorded the counter manager.

Financial management

Accountants who specialize in this type of account is also known as private auditors, industry or company. Management accountants provide services to business houses to play and learn kompanii.Portfel financial information includes personal expenses and asset management, budgeting, and performance evaluation. This is based on the employment relationship. They also perform an internal audit to review the financial management practices and monitor the mismanagement and moshennichestve.Auditory who conduct these checks specializing in audit, compliance, audit and audit.