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Fiscal accounting – Type of Accountant

Calculator, which allows a person or a company to file a tax return or tax is known as a tax consultant or buhgalterom.Auditor should know the rules and regulations relating to the tax politiki.Buhgalter help individuals and businesses in tax planning and advice on how you can use their resources to make the most of the tax. Auditor for the analysis and interpretation of data and is responsible for recording all financial operations of the company or individual. In all organizations, is part of the core team, who are studying the possibility of growth and development. As the financial sector develops, career opportunities in the field of accounting is also increasing. These accounts can be a great choice for a career.

Financial management

Accountants who specialize in this type of account is also known as private auditors, industry or company. Management accountants provide services to business houses to play and learn kompanii.Portfel financial information includes personal expenses and asset management, budgeting, and performance evaluation. This is based on the employment relationship. They also perform an internal audit to review the financial management practices and monitor the mismanagement and moshennichestve.Auditory who conduct these checks specializing in audit, compliance, audit and audit.